Over 20 years ago I started a company that was based on my own personal values of loyalty, friendship, and a commitment to excellence in each project we take on. I made a promise to myself not to waiver from these values no matter the challenges that arose, and above all else, to ensure that the company would project my standards and my values in each of its endeavors.

Today, Kirra Construction is a leading concrete subcontractor serving clients throughout the Southern California region. We specialize in tilt-up construction; slab and foundation construction for masonry, stick frame, and mid-rise steel buildings; as well as high FF/FL floor specifications.At Kirra Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering the best product possible to our customers and projecting those values that I laid some 20 years ago to each client we come across.

In the time that Kirra Construction has been operating, I have developed many of my closest and most enduring personal friendships. Each and every one of those individuals started out as a client of Kirra Construction that was willing enough to entrust Kirra Construction and myself with their most demanding of jobs and projects. I see this as a testament to the work we do and the values we project in each and every new challenge we take on.

These past 20 years have been extremely rewarding thanks to the people and companies we have had the fortune of working with—people and companies just like you. And at Kirra Construction, we would like to make it 20 more years, hopefully with the opportunity to take on your newest and most challenging projects.


Jeff Kudla 

President, Kirra Construction